What are the Best Clubs in Montreal?

Sometimes it is referred to as The Sin City of Canada, Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. Despite the Canadian nationality, French is its official language. Montreal has a rich history, and was once titled a UNESCO City of Design. It’s certainly upheld its name as it came to nightlife.

New City Gas

New City Gas capitalized on EDM boom

The best place to see international EDM DJs

New City Gas is considerably one the most unique clubs in Canadian history. It was built as an industrial site in the late 18th century and still remains as one. No matter how shabby on the outside, inside that huge factory-looking building lies a night of sheer extremism. A place with immense architectural and historic value, New City Gas offers the best drinks and DJs in Montreal. Ask around for the best club in Montreal, and you’ll know what I mean. If you’re looking for a large place that hosts the top international DJs, New City Gas should be the first one of your list.

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Circus Afterhours

Circus Afterhours is a staple in Montreal

Circus always appears on the Top Clubs list

Circus Afterhours has been ranked the 19th in the whole world in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs 2012. And for a proper reason indeed! You’ll hear electronic music all night, regardless of what type. House, Techno, Trance etc. is always on the menu. Engineered by Funktion One sound system, Circus isn’t only deemed as one of the best clubs in Montreal, but also as one of the best in the world! Circus consists of 3 rooms in which a wide range of events are held. It’s not only a place to party, it’s a place embark on a journey!

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Stereo Montreal

Stereo Afterhours in Montreal - One of the best afterhours in Canada

The party starts when most people are sleeping!

Located right in the heart of Montreal, Stereo is a place of pure ecstasy. As the name goes, the club is not just about getting crazy, but about getting a revitalizing audible experience as well. Rated 5 stars almost everywhere, Stereo has yet to disappoint a single customer. Notable artists and DJs often play at Stereo Montreal through its very own hand-crafted sound system. As they put it themselves, it was never their aim for commerciality. Their goal was simply to be the best. And the best it turned out to be, certainly one of the best clubs in Montreal for many years to come.

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Moomba Theater

Moomba Rocks - Friday event at Moomba Theater Laval and Montreal

Moomba combines chic dining with crazy partying

Moomba Theater is much more of a place to dance more than to drink. It is a very large supperclub that is located outside of Montreal. Moomba, located in Laval, is roughly a 25 minute drive from the city’s downtown. Being a popular club, the Moomba Theater has certainly made its mark. They brought artists once to pay tribute to the legendary band Metallica! Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nick Cannon, Pauly D and Jazzy Jeff have been spotted at Moomba over the years.

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Muzique Montreal

Muzique in Montreal

Muzique is a popular spot for celebrities and tourists

Muzique Montreal – A great place to go for the music and atmosphere. Having opened 5 years ago, Muzique has already received praise as the place not to be missed even if you’re just strolling around Montreal. Does the name Drake ring a bell? What about Vin Diesel? Yes, celebrities like these appear as special guests at Muzique. Not to mention the availability some of the most renowned DJs and artists such as The Martinez Brothers and Avicii. Muzique is slowly rising to what we could very well call one of the best clubs in Montreal.